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We first exemplify our thought processes and answers to ensure students have a clear goal to work towards.

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The students examine the demonstrated approach and attempt a similar question, with step-by-step guidance.

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Students experiment with similar questions independently, so we can monitor and plug any potential gaps in understanding.

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We believe in fostering a critical questioning mindset that helps students explore argumentative and logical thought processes beyond the classroom.

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Our Founder


Raag Sudha

Founder & Head Tutor

Raag graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science (Honours with Distinction) from National University of Singapore (NUS), then pursued and completed a Master’s in Management at INSEAD, a globally renowned business school. Her proficiency in the English language as well as her training in Political Science equipped with the skills and capabilities to teach a wide range of humanities subjects for IB, IGCSE, O Level and A Level such as English, General Paper, Literature, Lang Lit, Economics, History and Theory of Knowledge.


Raag worked as an MOE teacher as well as a full time tutor at various prominent and renowned tuition centres teaching humanities subjects like English, Literature, History, Economics and Geography. She possesses nearly 10 years of experience teaching over 100 international school students for both IGCSE and IB syllabus. Raag has taught international students at IGCSE and IB level from international schools and independent schools such as ACS Independent, SJI Independent, Overseas Family School, UWCSEA, ACS International, Dulwich College, Hwa Chong International School and SJI International. All of her students who have joined her from IB Year 1 have received Grade 6 or 7 for their IB results from the 2 years she has worked with them and 100% of her IGCSE students have received A* for the subjects she has tutored them for.


Having gained experience teaching in a wide variety of environments , she entered private tutoring full-time, specializing in humanities subjects. Leveraging on nearly 10 years of teaching experience, she launched Veritas Academy, a humanities specialist tuition center to impart critical thinking skills for excelling in humanities subjects. She has personally taught her small team of tutors, who work closely with every student individually to ensure academic success. Raag believes that every student possesses a unique learning style and that it is the job of tutors to customise and design a tailored approach that aligns with every student’s respective strengths and weaknesses.

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