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English Language & Literature



english Language & literature (HL/SL)

Paper 1: Guided Textual Analysis (35%)

  • Guided analysis of unseen non-literary passage(s) from different text types

Paper 2: Comparative Essay (25%)

  • Comparative essay based on 2 literary works written in response to 1 out of 4 questions

Coursework Component: HL Essay (20%)

  • Extended essay on one literary work or a non-literary body of work studied

Individual Oral (20%)

  • Prepared oral response on the way that one literary work and one non-literary body of work studied have approached a common global issue

theory of knowledge

Part I: Essay (67%)

1 essay on a title chosen from a list of 6 prescribed titles

Part II: Presentation (33%)

1 presentation to the class by an individual or a group; approximately 10 minutes per student. One written presentation planning document for each students

History (HL/SL)

Paper 1: Source-Based Questions (20%)

  • Students answer a source-based case study from 1 of the 5 prescribed topics

Paper 2: World History (25%)

  • Students write an essay based on the 12 world history topics

Paper 3: Regional History (35%)

  • Students write an essay paper based on 1 of the 4 regional options

business management (HL/SL)

Paper 1: Short Answer & Data Response (50%)

  • 4 questions requiring a mixture of short answers and structured data responses

Paper 2: Case Study (50%)

  • 4 questions based on a case study, provided as an insert with the paper

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